Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New year

Happy New Year !!

These days I hadn't had time to write or read as I was in Spain visiting my family for Christmas, but I'm back now :) ( I wanted to write about my time there but it was impossible).

Today we start a new year :) Looking back I think in 2013... I achieved some of my big dreams. After so many years I finally finished my studies and I can work as a nursery teacher. I meet new people and I lost some, some are still with me and I now they'll always be, and some are going to go... but I learnt that it doesn't really matters if people goes away from your life, you should remember the good moments with them, the time you spent together and wish the best for them. And then, there's these people that you won't see again, but the'll always be alive in your heart.
And my biggest achievement in 2013... I'm finally living in England! I used to feel sad and trapped in Spain, something was missing and I just wanted to fly away, far away, and I finally did it! Sometimes is hard living far away from your family and friends, but luckily I can say I have 2 families and really nice friends.
And most important, I think I've grown up personally, I've learned a lot of things and I see life in a different, and better, way.

I hope I can achieve my dreams for 2014 as I did last year :)

And that's it, I don't think anyone is going to read this but hello Helena from the future! Hope you are reading this and say: yes, I did it! haha


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