Monday, 16 December 2013

Christmas make up


Now that Christmas is here I thought about doing some Christmas eye make up  :)

The first one it's inspired in a Christmas candy (you'll see it has nothing to do with it haha) it's mostly white with a little bit of read on the corners. I think it's quite christmacy  and simple, I don't now why when I finished it, I thought about an elf. Maybe should call it elf eye make up haha

The second eye make up has more darker colours on the corner, I think I put black on the corner and a little bit of dark brown and a little bit of golden in the middle :) I think it's good for going out if you are wearing a dark dress or something or even 

What do you think about them? I'd like them more if I had done the black line with eye-liner but I don't have one at the moment (at least one that works properly) and I'm too lazy to go and buy a new one haha I don't believe I'm saying that,  6 months ago I couldn't live without eye-liner, but I don't really need it if I'm all day with kids, do I?
To be honest I did both looks quite in a hurry so they could be better.

Last week I bought some eye shadows from new look, I saw them and I thought they were very nice for an everyday look, so I'll show you this week another look with them :)

Hope you like them :)



  1. I never wear this much make-up, but the golden one makes me want to add some sparkles at least :)